What food should you Feed

We often see people feeding food to fish in the aquarium. But do we know what food they really need and what quantity they need! Most people depend on the Local Fish store to decide as to what your fish needs. And that may not be 100% time 100% Right.

We at recommend always good quality branded packed food against the live feed. Some people feed their fish fresh vegetables, worms and other smaller variety of fish (for eg Gold fish). These come with their own problems and we do not care much about the after effects.
Live fish / Worms might come with parasites and bacteria which can infect your tank or pond. We have numerous such cases where customers have complained about infection due to live fish feeding. There is more to this. Live feed is obviously good source of proteins but the fish in the tank / pond requires carbs and vitamins. That is not given in sufficient quantity can cause deficiency. Our last word: DO NOT FEED LIVE FEED to your fish if you want a healthy aquarium.

Always buy good quality branded Fish food based on their eating habit. Fish foods normally contain macro nutrients, trace elements and vitamins necessary to keep your fish in good health. Aquarium fish feed is plant or animal extracts intended for consumption by pet fish. Some exotic species require special diets. Find a fish food specific to your fish. Pick food that floats, sinks, or slowly sinks depending on your fish’s mouth shape. In most cases, fish only need to be fed once or twice a day, and you only need to feed a small amount. Your fish should be able to get enough nutrients from the food they can consume in under five minutes, as long as the food provides for their nutritional needs. Remove the food that is uneaten after ten minutes. If a trail of poop is hanging from your fish, their intestine may be partially blocked due to overfeeding or the wrong type of food. If the water gets dirty enough that you need to do a water change more than once a week, you may be overfeeding the fish, or the tank may be overcrowded. We hand pick good quality fish food from the best manufacturers all across the globe for healthy fish growth. We offer food for all varieties for Fish.

There are three categories of fish (by feeding habit)

1) Herbivorous American Flag fish, Ottos, Most African Cichlids Plecos, Siamese Algae eaters etc are absolute herbivorous. For these little ones you need to feed flakes of food which will be algae wafers. Good quality wafers sold by us are JBL Krill Premium Food Flakes, JBL Spirulina Food Flakes, JBL Pond Flakes

2) Omnivores Most of the Fish are omnivore’s category. They generally feed on meat and plants. For these fish you can feed some generic food available in the market. The best food for this category available are Ocean Free Xo Humpy, JBL NovoGranoMix, Tetra Bits Complete

3) Carnivores This is probably the smallest category, which thrives on only meat. They can also categorise as hunter fish. For eg. Betta, Arowanas and Oscars which are very common Aquarium fish in India fall in this category.

You need to extra careful while sourcing live feed. Some people feel that the live fish feeding is cheaper because of the availability of the live fish in large quantity. But the conditions in which these live fish are breed necessarily don’t call for taking a risk. The best food in this category we have is Oceanfree AR-G2 Pro Arowana Intense Color, JBL Grana Cichlid