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We are constantly looking for your valuable feedback and suggestions. Your feedback is very important to us. Your continuous feedback will help us improve the quality of products and service.

Now with your feedback and suggestions you can even save money. Isn’t that exciting ?

We are delighted to inform you that you now have a special offer – Exclusively for you.

You can now get Rs 250 discount on your next order above Rs 1000. Your package will also have a note in this regard.

Once the package is delivered by our delivery partner, Check for any physical damages or tampering. If you find anything suspicious, please notify us on the whatsapp Chat number (CLICK HERE) 

If you find everything ok with the package, Please start recording a video of unpacking. You can even use your mobile phone for this purpose. Keep the phone in a static position and only move the package for better quality video.

Unpacking, Using, Fixing, Feedback about how the whole experience was dealing with —- You can cover every aspect about the whole process in the video. Your voice over in the background will help us understand how Good – Bad – Ugly was your experience.

If you are buying a Pump, you can show us how did you install the product, If you are buying a medication or Treatment, you can show us how did you use that product, If you brought a Spare part, you can record how did you fix the spare part. Any thing you do with our product you can send us the video about.

There are no restrictions on how many products you make video of. For every individual Product you can earn the discount. You can not club two offers in single order.

You can send us the raw video over whatsapp or email us on or even post the video on and tag to claim your discount. Once your video is reviewed by our team and approved, your discount will be added to Easypets wallet and you can claim that in the next order. Copyrights to all the videos will be transferred to us, once you share the video with us and we will be authorised to edit or modify and use for commercial or none commercial use.