Fish Food & Medication

API Pimafix

PimaFix is a patented formula derived from pimenta racemosa (West Indian Bay Tree), a proven natural antifungal. PimaFix rapidly treats
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JBL Auto Food Feeder

Practical automatic feeder: automatic feeding of aquarium fish – For all granulates upto 3mm Easy seeting: upto 4 feeds per
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OceanFree Herbal Anti-Bacteria T1

Treats dropsy, ulcer, tail rot, fin rot, blood streaks, neon tetra disease, cloudy eyes and bacteria related diseases. Reduce pathogenic
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Boyu Vacuum Cleaner (Pond) – WNQ 1

23,000 Inc GST & Shipping
Must Needed For All Ponds Multi Purpose Clener Ideal For Indoor and Outdoor Condition
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Hailea Pond Cleaner – MPC 4000

11,800 Inc GST & Shipping
Ergonomic Design Pond Cleaner Ideal For Fish And Garder Ponds
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OceanFree Hydra – 50

7,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Genuine Product from the Manufacturer Maintain Stable Water Quality Biological & Mechanical Filtration Chemical Free process
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OceanFree Hydra Filtron – 1000

15,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Genuine Product from the Manufacturer A 4 Stage Water Purification Filter 3 Phases of Hydro-Pure Technology Contains 3DM Biological Medium
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