Aquarium Soil

Controsoil is worlds best Aquatic plant soil. This is manufactured by A japanese company called Marfied. The soil is a great source of nutrient for the aquatic plant And more over it does not release ammonia. Controsoil unlike other soil available in the market doesnt disintegrate under water even after 5 years. The small 2 mm or 4mm granules remain in the same shape. The right mix of nutirent in the soil helps in maintaining the water quality and doesnt allow unwanted algae growth And thus you are not forced to use unnecessary chemicals / algae removers in the tank. You are aware that algae removers are not good for the health of Fish or snails.

The soil used in the Aquarium for a good planted setup requires almost 5 L per square feet. And hence you should plan for this as a bench mark. Its adviced that you use a good quality plant base in the bottom of the tank, followed by a good quanlity Substrate and then over that controsoil. All together it might require 6 Liters per square feet of tank space. In this quantity, you can achieve a height of almost 3 inches which is ideal for plant rooting. If you use lesser quantity, your plants may uproot in case the flow of the filter is high, or if you use a wavemaker. Evening swimming fish can uproot the plants.

Since the water quality remains good, the amount of water change required and bio load on the filter also reduces. THis helps you keep a healthy fish tank for a longer time with less efforts and cost.