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API Quick Start

Benefits: Contains Nitrifying bacteria. Converts toxic ammonia into nitrites then nitrates. Allows for the instant addition of fish. Follow API
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JBL Clearol

Provides crystal-clear water fast. Removes all types of cloudiness in the water. Creates crystal-clear water in freshwater aquariums and turtle
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JBL Phosex Rapid

Particularly suitable for small aquariums. Clears cloudy aquarium water. Visible effect of initial brown clouding will soon disappear How it
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OceanFree 3DM Filter Media – Beads

Features: Improves water quality: Perfect medium to establish Nitrogen Cycle and help eliminate ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and to prevent other

Spare Filter Media Kit – HW 303

1,800 Inc GST & Shipping
Filter Media Suitable Media For Canister Filter Ideal For Begginers
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Spare Rubber – Sunsun Hi Blow Air Pump

Original Spare Rubber for Sunsun Hi Blow Air Pump Choose the right model diaphragm for your pump
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