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OceanFree 3DM PH+ Beads – 500 G

730 Inc GST & Shipping
Stabilizing PH Value High Performance, Low Shock Free of all Parasites, Pathogens and Viruses Recyclable, Environment friendly, Environment Enhancement

OceanFree Super Koi Guard – 250 ML

1,100 Inc GST & Shipping
Guard-1 Speedily neutralize Chloroamine ( most recent additive in tap water to kill harmful bacteria ) For fast removing of

Reocean Bactrix 600 Ml

520 Inc GST & Shipping
ReOcean Bactrix Bacteria colonies on the internal and external surface areas. ReOcean Bactrix is a high porosity biological media that

Reocean Starter Bacteria

270580 Inc GST & Shipping
ReOcean Starter bacteria used for all Aquarium tanks for mature new tank water, control nitrite, nitrates and ammonium. also for

Seachem Reef Dip – 250 ML

1,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Reef Dip contains elemental iodine complexed to a protective slime coat for safely and gently disinfecting corals. It is effective

Seachem Reef Trace – 250 Ml

780 Inc GST & Shipping
Reef Trace supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper reef health and growth. Trace

Sflora CO2 Tabs

500750 Inc GST & Shipping
Use 1 tablet per 100 litres of water for vibrant and healthy aquarium plants. Recommended to place near water flow

Seachem Reef Fusion 1 – 500 ML

900 Inc GST & Shipping
Provides not only 100,000 mg/L of ionic calcium, but also includes biologically appropriate levels of magnesium, strontium, boron, iron, manganese,

Seachem Reef Fusion 2 – 500 ML

900 Inc GST & Shipping
Reef Fusion 2 contains a mixture of carbonates and bicarbonates at an alkalinity of 4400 meq/L. It is designed to