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Aquarium Systems Biopellets Mega Media

Biopelety are the source of clean and steady flow of carbon for bacterial growth. Bacteria in the aquarium need for

Aquarium Systems Reef Bio Degrader – 250 Ml

1,650 Inc GST & Shipping
Made In France A Reef Evolution Treatment Provides A Stable Biotope Designed To Degrade Organic Matter Rapidely Not Harmful To Fishes Or Animals
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Boyu Cooling Fan – FS 55

1,600 Inc GST & Shipping
Ideal For Cooling Water Surface Equipped With Fan Holder Can Be Mounted Helps to Change Angle of Fan
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JBL NH4 Ammonium Test Kit

1,450 Inc GST & Shipping
Made in Germany Easy to Test Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water

JBL Pro AquaTest PO4 Phosphate sensitive

1,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Made in Germany Determination of the Optimum Phosphate Value Ideal Plant Growth or of Possible Cause of Algae in Freshwater and Marine Water