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Boyu Submersible Pump – TH 33000A

18,450 Inc GST & Shipping
Suitable For Large Size Pump Ideal For Water Circulation Compact Design And Aesthetic Appearance.

Boyu Surpasser Submersible Pump – FP 58

1,350 Inc GST & Shipping
ABS Plastic Coated Body Low Energy Consumption Ideal For Both Sea And Fresh Water

Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter – WF 2055

1,550 Inc GST & Shipping
Hang On Filter Adjustable Water Flow Rate 3 Layer Filter To Ensure Clean Water Easy To Assembly And Operation

Hailea Hang On Filter – HP 800

1,650 Inc GST & Shipping
Water Fall Style Bio Filter Ideal For Small And Medium Size Tanks Helps to Maintain Clean Aquatic Environment

Sunsun Multi Function Submersible Submersible Pump – HJ 2200

1,550 Inc GST & Shipping
Suitable For Pond Filter Ideal For Water Circulation Best Under Water Pump