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API Accu Clear

Quickly clears cloudy aquarium water, eliminating clouds caused by dirt. Clumps tiny particles, causing them to fall to the bottom

API Algaefix

Effectively controls green water algae blooms and keeps aquariums clean and clear without harming fish & plants. Weekly use reduces
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API Ammolock

Works instantly in both fresh and saltwater to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines locks up ammonia in a
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API Ph Down

API pH DOWN pH adjuster lowers pH to make freshwater aquariums more acidic for fish and plants when levels rise

API Quick Start

Benefits: Contains Nitrifying bacteria. Converts toxic ammonia into nitrites then nitrates. Allows for the instant addition of fish. Follow API
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Aquarium Systems Ca Calcium Reef Evolution – 250 ml

890 Inc GST & Shipping
Numerous reef organisms form their shell or skeleton in the form of chalk by synthesising the calcium and strontium that
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Aquarium Systems Ca Reef Kalk Reef Evolution

ReefKalk is the source of calcium hydroxide used to prepare lime water or Kalkwasser. It provides calcium and maintains alkalinity

Eiho Plant Carbo

EIHO Plant Carbo contains bio-avaliable carbon source to replace need for CO2 in planted aquarium Without CO2 injection, aquatic plants
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Eiho Prazi Gold

Treatment for internal and external parasites like flukes, tapeworm, flatworm Safe for scaleless fishes and plants EIHO Prazi Gold eliminates
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JBL Algol

Highly effective in preventing algae growth in fresh water aquariums. An initial slight cloudiness shows its effectiveness and disappears after

JBL Algopond Green

For water to suit both fish and plants: water conditioner to combat floating algae (green water) in the garden pond.

JBL Clearol

Provides crystal-clear water fast. Removes all types of cloudiness in the water. Creates crystal-clear water in freshwater aquariums and turtle
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JBL Cleropond

For water to suit fish and plants: water clarifier for the removal of all types of clouding Features: Easy to

JBL Clynol

Water cleaner the natural way. Cleans and clarifies aquarium water the natural way. For fresh and saltwater aquariums and turtle
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JBL Medo Pond Plus

Quick and reliable help: remedy to treat white spot disease and fungal infections Easy to use: determine the required quantity,

JBL pH-Minus

Phosphate-free preparation to safely reduce the pH level. Every influence on pH must be checked with a pH test. Contains

JBL pH-Plus

Phosphate-free preparation to safely reduce the pH level, every influence on pH must be checked with a pH test. Contains

JBL Phosex Rapid

Particularly suitable for small aquariums. Clears cloudy aquarium water. Visible effect of initial brown clouding will soon disappear How it
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JBL Tropol

Nature at Home – Home for Fish and Plants: Fish and plants need to be as comfortable in the aquarium

OceanFree 0 Anchor Worm and Fish Lice

Introduction: In most cases, exotic native Fish like Arowana and Stingrays dwell in the natural ponds or lakes and their
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OceanFree 3DM PH+ Beads – 500 G

730 Inc GST & Shipping
Stabilizing PH Value High Performance, Low Shock Free of all Parasites, Pathogens and Viruses Recyclable, Environment friendly, Environment Enhancement

OceanFree Absolute Snail Remover

Removes snails/juvenile snails, leeches and kills snail eggs Removes larvae of parasites Can be use as a effective anti-snail treatment

OceanFree Aqua Fresh Coat

Ocean Free Aqua Fresh Coat when added to aquarium replaces the natural mucous slime on the skin and fins of
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OceanFree Herbal Anti-Bacteria T1

Treats dropsy, ulcer, tail rot, fin rot, blood streaks, neon tetra disease, cloudy eyes and bacteria related diseases. Reduce pathogenic
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