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Boyu Aquatic Air Pump (S) – 4000B (4 Way)

1,750 Inc GST & Shipping
Air Pump For Smal And Medium Tank 4 Way Air Pump With Flow Control Free Air Flow
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Boyu Submersible Filter – SP 1300A

700 Inc GST & Shipping
Internal Filter Suitable For Water-Circulation And Filtering Used In Marine And Fresh Water Aquariums
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Boyu Submersible Pump – SP 1300

590 Inc GST & Shipping
Power Head Pump Idel For Water Circulation Energy-Saving And Durable
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JBL Cristalprofi External Canister Filter E701

11,700 Inc GST & Shipping
Only 9 W energy consumption for enormous energy savings. 700 litres/hour pump performance and an extremely quiet run. 6.1 litre
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Spare UV – Sunsun HW Canister Filter

Genuine spare from manufacturer. Replacement bulbs for Sunsun canister Filters , UV sterilizers and Pond filters Please note that spares
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Sunsun Bio Pond Filter – CBF 200T

13,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Suitable For Filtering Garden And Koi Pool Efficient In Purification-Ultraviolet Sterlization Comes with Built in Circulation Pump