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Airmac Air Pump – DT 60

20,000 Inc GST & Shipping
Made In Taiwan Linear Air Pump For Depth up to 1 meter Low Cost operations Diaphragm Based Pump
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Boyu DC Air Compressor – ACQ 906

6,600 Inc GST & Shipping
DC Air Compressor Operated By Permanent Magnet No Lubricating Oil Efficient With Low Energy Consumption
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Boyu Garden Pond Filter – YT 25000

33,500 Inc GST & Shipping
UV Bio Filter For Pond Multi Stage Filter Circulation Pump Included

Reptile Systems Basking Halo Spot Light – 100 W

800 Inc GST & Shipping
Nature By Sunbathing Under The Lamp. Includes UVA Aid Wellbeing And Colour Vision. Warm Colour Output.

Reptile Systems Basking Solar Spot Light

Warmth regulation modelled on nature by sunbathing under the lamp. Includes UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision. Warm colour

Sflora Smart Aquatic Planted Led With Display, Timer & Control, DM 36S

10,100 Inc GST & Shipping
Full spectrum LED lights for Fresh water Planted tanks. Comes with built in timer and Brightness Adjustments Day Light and
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Sunsun Grech Aquarium Wavemaker – CW 160

9,100 Inc GST & Shipping
Easy Mount Into Tank Has 3 Modes Output Compatible With Freshwater And Marine Aquariums
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Sunsun Submersible Light (Pond ) – CQD 120C

3,800 Inc GST & Shipping
Pond Light Made With Durable Plastic Ideal For Outdoor Condition

Sunsun Submersible Pump – JTP 8000

7,500 Inc GST & Shipping
Ideal For Pond Filter Suitable For Water Circulatio Anti Corrosive And Highly Durable
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Sunsun Yuting Air Compressor – (DC) – HZ 060

4,950 Inc GST & Shipping
DC Air Compressor High-Pressure Air Pump Cast-Aluminium Housing
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