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AquaB Super Carbon

It can effectively eliminate odors, detoxifies harmful metals, purifies and soften the water absorb chemical residue/ compounds and water purifying
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JBL Clearmec Plus – 1 L

1,250 Inc GST & Shipping
Made in Germany Helps to maintain Crystal-Clear Aquarium Water Prevent Excessive Algae Growth

JBL Gold Pearls

Premium food pellets for fantail goldfish and other cultivated forms of goldfishPremium fish food fro Gold Fish Sinking food pearls.
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JBL Grana Discus

Complete nutrition, optimal growth and vibrant colours for demanding discus fish, thanks to selected raw ingredients. Nutritious, easily digestible, strengthens
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JBL Maripearls

Premium granules for marine fish: Food can with practical click dozer. Slowly sinking granular pearls. Low-temperature production process is easy

JBL Novo Bel

Flake food for aquarium fish of 3 to 20 cm length. Does not cloud the water. Optimal protein/fat ratio. No
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JBL Novo Bits

JBL Novo Bits is a slowly sinking staple food, rich in nutrients and easily digestible, specifically developed to meet the
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JBL Novo Dragon

Made in Germany Complete Nutrition and Ideal Growth Special Sinking Behavior and Shape Food
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JBL Novo Malawi

550 Inc GST & Shipping
For algae-eating Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika cichlids: Although the food is called JBL Malawi, it is intended for the

JBL Novo Pleco

Rapidly sinking, hard wafers. 10% wood fiber, a vital ingredient for a healthy digestive system. Readily accepted due to top

JBL Novo Stick (XL)

Complete nutrition and ideal growth for large carnivorous cichlids Nutritious and easy to digest: Ideal feeding conditions for all fish

JBL Novo Stick M

Complete nutrition and ideal growth for carnivorous cichlids Nutritious and easy to digest: Ideal feeding conditions for fish species from

JBL Novoflower Maxi Food 1 L

1,300 Inc GST & Shipping
Perfect nutrition for large Flowerhorn cichlids from 15cm length upwards. Outstanding colouring due to high astaxanthin content. Multivitamin mix creates

JBL ProPond Flakes M – 1 L

730 Inc GST & Shipping
Made in Germany Complete Food With The Right Protein Floating Food Flakes

JBL Spirulina

Premium Spirulina flakes with 40 % protein-rich spirulina algae (Spirulina platensis). Spirulina platensis has a protein content of over 65%,
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K1 Filter Media

How it works Maturing the K1 Media bio-media is important because a delicate eco-system is naturally developing for the bacteria
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K5 Filter Media

Bio filter media High surfacearea 1200 M2/M3 is a new biological suspension carrier which modified polymetric material with the promoted
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MBBR Plastic Media White

The Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) systems are based on the principal of increasing the surface area for enhanced biological treatment
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OceanFree 3DM Filter Media – Beads

Features: Improves water quality: Perfect medium to establish Nitrogen Cycle and help eliminate ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and to prevent other

OceanFree Herbal Anti-Bacteria T1

Treats dropsy, ulcer, tail rot, fin rot, blood streaks, neon tetra disease, cloudy eyes and bacteria related diseases. Reduce pathogenic
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OceanFree Pro Series Filter Medium 3DM Nuggets

Features: Improves water quality:Perfect medium to establish Nitrogen Cycle and help eliminate ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and to prevent other poor-water

OceanFree Super Battle Bacteria 8000

Improves fish coloration. Reduces algae growth. Improves plants growth. When changing water. Enhances hatching and reduces stress. Helps to establish
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Seachem De Nitrate

De Nitrate removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics from both fresh and marine water. The high porosity of de nitrate

Seachem Matrix – 1 L

1,900 Inc GST & Shipping
Made In Seachem Laboratories USA